• The Integrated Gender and Development Division (IGDD) is a permanent division created under the City Mayor’s Office to oversee the implementation of the Women Development Code in Davao City.

Our Vision-Mission

      • To be the CATALYST within the local

    government unit to ensure the appropriate involvement of women in mainstream development activities in all areas and all stage;

    To be the INNOVATOR and NURTURER of new ideas, programs, projects and services which promote women empowerment and gender equality in the city; and
    To be the PRIMARY RESOURCE for effective and efficient gender planning and budgeting of the different departments and offices of the local government and of other sectors in the city.

Our Goals and Objectives

    • To increase gender responsive policies and programs in both the government and private sectors in the city;
    To initiate long-term mechanisms which effectively address gender concerns in the development process in all aspects and stages; and
    To develop clear concepts and strategies and “best practices” for gender equality and women empowerment that are relevant to Davao City’s unique and diverse culture

Our beginnings

Chapter II, Sec. 28 of the Women Development Code (approved Oct. 14, 1997), provides for the creation of the Integrated Gender and Development Office (IGDO), later amended by Ordinance No. 0132-03, series of 2003 (approved Oct. 28, 2003) into the Integrated Gender and Development Division (IGDD) under the City Mayor’s Office. The IGDD was then established on October 28, 2003 and was tasked to act as the coordinative, regulatory and monitoring body of the Local Gov’t. of Davao City to focus on gender-sensitive projects and activities. It shall complement gender-related functions of other agencies.

Who we are

Organizational Structure

What we do

Monitoring and Coordinative Functions. These functions shall see through the realistic, measurable and tangible results of the implementation of this Ordinance. These include but not limited to:

  1. Gender-Sensitive Watch. A system of services and facilities in order to monitor status of women in the City of Davao wherein all departments and agencies of Davao City shall develop conceptual and practical methodologies for incorporating gender perspective into all aspects of economy and policy-making. It shall collect gender and age disaggregated data on poverty situation and all aspects of economic activity and develop qualitative and quantitative statistical performance from a gender perspective. It shall also serve as the data bank of Davao City on gender and development.
  2. Legal Aid Services Check. Coordinated services for any legal actions needed by the women in protecting their rights shall be installed.
  3. Advocacy and Campaign Management. A coordinated advocacy and campaign on ail forms of discrimination and violence against women shall be installed.
  4. Sustainable and Gender-Sensitive Project Development. A system of appraisals of projects to determine sustainable impact on women and men and men, local economy, politics, culture and ecosystem.
  5. Violence in Media Check. An active dialogue with tri-media representatives shall be undertaken by the Sangguniang Panlungsod Committee on Women’s Welfare and Development and women GOs and NGOs on incidence of all forms of violence in media.

Regulatory Functions. This function shall include establishing protocols and standards relevant to the following concerns:

  1. Education and Training Benchmark. Gender-sensitivity education and training for all departments and agencies of the Local Government of Davao City and at the barangay level shall be designed. Standards for contents on the course shall be established by the Office.
  2. Psychosocial Support Program. A holistic and indigenous approach to women with social dysfunctioning which includes attendance to their physical/biological, emotional, psychological and social needs shall be set up. Indicators of program success shall be established by the Office.
  3. Early Childhood Care and Development Program and Services. Appropriate support services for women and children shall include crèche and day care services for infants and toddlers as prescribed in RA 6972 and the Davao City Children’s Welfare Code. Indicators of quality of services shall be established by the Office.

It shall be involved in all the processes related to the conceptualization, development, assessment and evaluation of programs and projects of the Local Government of Davao City.